Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Moodle Community Hub

One of the tools that we have selected to use at school is moodle, this provides teachers an online environment to put work and resources up online and use some of the activity modules to get feedback from the students.

We are now investigating the use of a community hub, though I believe that this will require a change in teachers minds. This allows teachers to publish there courses online for other teachers to use. There is the development of a New Zealand moodle hub through watchdog. http://hub.moodleinschools.org.nz. This is still under development and will hopefully be running by the end of the April school holidays, just requires some more testing to make sure all systems are go.

But will schools use it, one thing I will be pushing for at the next moodle meeting in Christchurch, is getting schools online and sharing resources, be it a quiz or total course. I also see a great need for it within our associations as well, to be able to collaboratively work and build a course up that others can use and modify.

I have another idea as well, but will have to debate this tonight.

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