Friday, 6 April 2012

Indicators of progression for Technology Learning Objectives


These have now been released for Level 6 and 7, next year Level 8 will be released.

The Indicators of Progression (Indicators) provide support for teachers to interpret the Learning Objectives (LOs) for each specialist knowledge and skill technology component. They:
provide an overview statement that explains the focus of the Learning Objectives and an overview statement about student progression from curriculum levels 6-8;
restate the Learning Objectives for each level;
provide guidance to teachers on what they could do to support student learning at curriculum levels 6-8
provide indicators of what students should know or be able to do at curriculum levels 6-8; and
indicate the achievement standard(s) that align to the Learning Objective at curriculum levels 6-8.

Digital Technologies

Knowledge of Digital Information Management | Create a Digital Information Outcome
Knowledge of Digital Media | Create a Digital Media Outcome | Design a Software Program Structure
Knowledge of Computer Science and Software Engineering | Construct a Software Program
Knowledge of Digital Infrastructure | Design a Digital Infrastructure System |

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