Friday, 13 July 2012

culture shift needed in schools

Its been amazing the last couple of days, for one I have been reading a book that I just cannot put down, and tonight completed.

The other has been #nethui,
I find it amazing when I cannot attend a conference that I can still enjoy it online, twitter is a great conference tool.

I had this one tweet come through

We need a hacker culture in schools. You don't get that with iPads. Need open technologies, circuit boards, Raspberry Pis 

I totally agree with this, and continue to fight technicians in schools to open up the networks and computer to allow students to get a touch of such an exiting part of computing.

One resource I find interesting is hacker high school, this is a excellent example of how hacking could be taught to schools students.
the other is the raspeberry pi project. Years ago we talked about people bringing in devices to plug into networks that were small and could sniff a lot of data from the network. This has all of that, an ethernet port, small profile and a power cable that looks like it is for a mobile phone. Thinking about that, you could probably get a raspberry pi to fit into a old mobile phone.

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William Hay said...

I couldn't agree more. I feel as though kids have been denied that thrill to explore and inspire themselves because schools have made them passive users of technology. I am trying to change this by creating tutorials for children and hopefully the Raspberry Pi will be the catalyst to do it. I want children to break the software and re-write the code to do amazing things it was never invented for. Any feedback on the site would be great.

Thank you