Saturday, 14 July 2012

Facebook in schools

It has been interesting the conversation on whether to allow Facebook at school. For one we have boarders on site and should they be allowed Facebook to communicate with home. The other is we have students that are requesting Facebook for in class work.

Now, I have found a really good response, which I will put forward to our ICT Committee -

Rangitoto College has a fairly open policy in terms of filtering and initially allowed students access to Facebook, but that has now been stopped for two reasons – Facebook traffic was taking up too much bandwidth, and also to give students a break from the addictive nature of Facebook, says Hastie.
This has to be one of the best response's I have seen, it talks about the addictive nature of Facebook. Schools are now giving students a break from an addition, the same as xbox, minecraft and a number of others.

I wonder how that statement will go down at school. Maybe we need a Facebook Anonymous group?

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