Thursday, 5 July 2012

Professional reading - Swimming out of our depth

Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools

With new technologies being introduced to schools, there is the need for s shift in education to help our students become the best that they could be.

This paper reports preliminary findings from NZCER research designed to explore the following questions:
  • How difficult is it for teachers acculturated in 20th century ways of thinking about education and its purpose, to "shift their paradigm"?
  • Do today’s teachers have the dispositions and competencies they are being required to develop in their students—given that their schooling was not designed to develop these?
  • What kinds of learning environments would teachers need to develop these competencies and dispositions?

So much is starting to come out at present around the introduction of BYOD in schools, changes in school environments. How does a school with 100 years of tradition and traditional teaching practices develop into what is needed for today's students.

Also there is another one to read and understand, this one is around BYOD, does it have benefits with students learning?
Does digital immersion improve students digital literacy -

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