Wednesday, 11 July 2012

top trends for 2012 - Data engagement

Looking at the core education blog I see that they have identified the top trends for 2012- Data representation.

One of the trends is Drivers

There are many innovations that drive these changes in the extent and ways that we can create and engage with data. Some examples are:

  • Increasing sophistication of personal devices such as tablets and mobile phones which allow users to create, access and manipulate data anywhere and at any time. Many people now use their devices for navigation using the GPS function, and apps have been created allowing images and videos to be tagged with their location and shared. An interesting example of GPS use is Geocaching – a form of treasure hunting that relies on the use of GPSdata to find hidden objects. Geocaching is increasingly used to create interesting and authentic learning opportunities for students.
This was a project that I developed and ran as part of Project 72 - an initiative at the school I was at.
This involved students using technology to do different things, in 2009 I wrote up how this project would work, this also ran at the end of 2010. It is amazing to see such a project now being seen for its advantages and difference.

Thanks Core.

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