Tuesday, 11 March 2014

BERG, Prototyping washing machine

Sometimes we struggle to understand the interface of all the Digital Technologies and how they work together. One example I was shown tonight was the household washing machine. 

If all washing machines looked like this and has this type of control I might want to do washing more often.(no jokes please)

I do wonder if AS3.10 could be done about the design of washing machines? 

Cloudwash is a prototype connected washing machine. We created Cloudwash to explore how connectivity will change the appliances in our homes… and to figure out what new features will be possible.

Could students develop an interface for a washing machine? HCI for Juniors?

There is a lot more detail available at http://blog.bergcloud.com/2014/02/25/cloudwash/
and having a look at the http://blog.bergcloud.com/ there are some interesting ideas that could be investigated further by students.

metadata: Design, electronics, HCI, mobile control, prototyping

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