Sunday, 30 March 2014

nzta professional development

I have been to quite a number of Professional development sessions where you talk away one or two bits of information. But this one struck a massive part of not just my teaching, but outside of teaching itself.

Citizenship, yeah, such as boring topic, national, labour, what elections are about. But no. There is another citizenship. That is one around the road. I took 4 students to film some workshops at the nzta education workshop in Christchurch. Something in which they thought, go in, sit there, film, eat some lunch. But no. The session was for them... to discuss how they use the road to teachers, to give their situations, to give their stories. It was even a chance for one of them to explain what was being planned had adverse affects on him as well as other students.

I will write more over the next couple of days as I process more of the sessions, but when you get a tweet like this, you just have to share.
A lot of this has to do with the people at the nzta, they have thought through a lot of how this relates to everyone, and what it means to be a citizen of the road. With the latest campaign of identifying a person who uses the road. 

One ad had an interesting spin on it for me, 

There are great resources available for teachers to use, one that I found useful was the one around the adult literacy standards, these are ones that we are targetting at school for some of our students to assist them with the opportunity to gain L1 Literacy. It will be interesting having a conversation with those in charge this week around how we can assist them in two ways, the road code, and literacy.

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