Sunday, 23 March 2014

Orionhealth, codeworx and Raspberry Pi

I have had my students enter a competition called codeworx. Using a raspberry Pi they are to develop something to assist with their lives. Thinking about this a little bit more, I would like to see it help with a part around medical healthcare, but that will come later on.

On friday we had Friday Pi-day. The day they received their Raspberry Pi. This day was a special day for them. When have they been given something? When have they been given something at school. Now, this was also another experience, one student missed out? What do I do. He hadn't followed the instructions and all of his classmates got a Raspberry Pi. Some ways I feel that I should be doing something for him, but he hadn't followed the instructions? 

For the students it was like christmas, as soon as they had them I thought they would just go in thier bags and be investigated later on at home. But no, they wanted to get them going then and there. It provided some students  a challenge as there SD card wasn't set up correctly and therefore wouldn't boot. Downloading NOOBS and having it available for them to copy across fixed this. 

It was a heartening experience to give out over $2000 worth of hardware to these students. One that I hope can happen again. These students are treasuring this gift and we have some wonderful experiences to share over the next few months as they investigate, develop work for the competition.

I recieved an email from a teacher, it was about a student who was not doing the teachers homework this weekend as he would be too busy playing with the raspberry pi.
Hang on, he isn't playing, he is choosing to do my homework. Why can't students choose to do what engages them in their learning?

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