Saturday, 23 August 2014

developing ideas

I have been busy of last doing some requests to NZQA on what has been happening with the subject Digital Technologies for the last three years.

At first I thought I would just look at the Achievement Standards in Digital Technologies, but I found that this only provided one side of the story. we have a number of schools that are still teaching Unit Standards and offering alternative qualifications. This came out of a project some of the students are working on. To see what was happening within New Zealand schools. This will hopefully be released next week.

The second request looked at National Certificate in Computing L2 and L3, just how many Certificates were being awarded in this area. Looking at the data over the past four years this is showing a trend down.

The third request looked at the number of different unit standards, from Computing, Software engineering, and business administration, all of which can make up a course within as school.

The fourth looks at technology achievement standards across the whole matrix. Something I find amazing is how some schools are working the standards, or what they offer as a technology subject.

This has been a incredible project in thinking, in how to show the results, in how to bring in new data. I hope to release this in September.

Why not release now... I am still checking some pieces of the puzzle, and tidying up the look. Also I am letting some people have a look at it, just to make sure it makes sense.

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