Saturday, 2 August 2014

Junior Assessment for Digital Media #NZCTech

I think this #NZCTech has got me thinking about what we are doing within schools. Tonight I was having a chat with a friend and an idea started to form. One around an event that happens every three years.
Getting students to develop a logo (they do that already), taking photos (they do that already) defining a message... putting it all together to meet the requirements of the election advertising.

Citizenship, getting students to create a billboard to represent a political party, one that they create and work out what they stand for. Billboards are nothing new to the Digital technologies area, in the past there was a project to get students to look at road safety and create a billboard designed to get students to create a billboard design for students to wear helmets.

Students can design a billboard, using google maps they will need to put it in a location, one that they pick, and explain why. Yes I realise that this links in with so many other curriculum areas, but that is something individual schools could work on.

What colours would students use to define their party. What message would they want to put up.

Now teachers need to be careful with this, they are leaders, they need to show no political bias within this work.

I have put this challenge out to the Digital Technologies teachers group, I need 150+ photos of billboards. Lets see what happens?

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