Saturday, 23 August 2014

Exam week reflection

This week has been exam week. Looking at the listserve it seems to be something that other schools have a large issue in giving time to technology to have a slot.
I choose to have a three hour slot for my level 1 students. In that time they worked through Digital Technologies 1.40. A lot of the students have already developed work through class time earlier this year. Through this time they were able to bring it all together. Something in which a lot of them see as an outcome. they have until later next week to tidy up and hand in their first draft.

The second exam had the level 3 programming students in. The exam is a 2 hour exam, in which I game them a topic for Tech 3.14, this standard enables the students to develop an understanding of an technical area. The area we are looking at is 3d printing in the medical area. An interesting topic in which students really got into last year.

Digital Tech Level 2 started working on their information standard, one that I am looking at dropping next year as we already do the computer science standard. The standard is looking at shared information. We went through a number of areas including file management, privacy during the two hours.

Last was the media level 3 standard, 2 hours in which to work on their project. Was nice to hear the comments I managed to more in the last two hours that in a week of class work.

But it has raised a number of questions, and I busy trying to find some answers, how are we expected to aide our students in the development of their reports?

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