Friday, 1 August 2014

#NZCTech first draft level 4

I have been working on Level 4 Technology Systems, I am hoping that I have met what I have highlighted in Red

Technological Systems Level 4
Achievement Objective
Students will:

· Understand how technological systems employ control to allow for the transformation of inputs to outputs.

Teacher Guidance
To support students to develop understanding of technological systems at level 4, teachers could:

- provide students with the opportunity to investigate a range of technological systems and guide them to identify how transformation processes are controlled;
- support students to understand that control mechanisms can function to enhance the fitness for purpose of technological systems by maximising the desired outputs and minimising the undesirable outputs;
- provide students with a scenario outlining technical and acceptability specifications for a system and support them to explore and research components and connectivity factors to determine what components would be suitable and how they could be connected to meet system specifications;
- support students to communicate system related details effectively. System related details include such things as what components would be feasible, layout requirements, and how they would need to be connected. Effective communication uses specialised language and symbols.

Students can:

- explain how transformation processes within a system are controlled;
- describe examples to illustrate how the fitness for purpose of technological systems can be enhanced by the use of control mechanisms;
- communicate, using specialised language and drawings, system related details that would allow others to create a system that meets both technical and acceptability specifications.

The first draft of the work includes a robot task using symbols to control a robot to stack cups,
second is a binary task to develop a students name, third is teh input and outputs of a program, students need to develop the code to work.

Though I must admit, I am still working out this

Black box

A device, system, or object that can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge of its internal workings. The concept of a black box is important in describing technological systems. But while it has many advantages (the reduced need to understand all aspects of the system, the ability to replace faulty subsystem without disrupting the entire system etc), it also has disadvantages (understanding of the entire system can be incomplete, troubleshooting can be difficult etc).
See explanatory paper. See also: Strategies for Engaging Students: Technological Systems: Level Six Black Box Activity: Supports students to identify why subsystems may be ‘black boxed' for development and/or maintenance purposes and guide them to understand how this can result in both advantages and disadvantages.

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