Wednesday, 4 March 2009

computer labs

When you remove your computer labs from the timetable due to work that has been planned to turn the former fabric room and home economics room into three classrooms you would never have thought of putting these rooms back into action until the refit was complete. That is not the case however.

When I was asked to strip out the rooms at the end of 2008, I though excellent, all the preplanning had been done and the work will be started in the early part of term one. I found on the second last day of school the artietect in the classroom and asking questions of network access and supply. So I should have known at this point there will be no way they will start at the beginning of the term. I am now in week five in a small classroom, formally a corridor that has some of the ceiling missing, though it no longer leaks, and running water from a tap, it has been good on a ht day, the room can only fit 20 students and that is pushing it.

It now looks like I will be in that classroom for another term. Which I am not happy about.

Going back to the putting the computers back into the former labs. I had ripped out most of the network cables from one of the rooms as I was told it was going to be re-cabled, now I will have to put it back in, also I will have to find the extension leads that were also ripped out. The computers have been moved to another location, though I will need to find out where the monitors have gone, or went. We managed to get the other room setup in the block in 45 minutes, though i can see this one taking a little longer. Thanks to my year 13 programming class who managed to work under this pressure.

I am thinking about this tonight, and how it will be done, what is means is our e-asttle testing for both english and maths can be done at the same time, without taking out other labs, now to do this we will have to look at internet speeds and connection issues, we will almost need to tell teachers they cannot use the net with year 9 and 10 students and 60 connections with the e-asttle server over the net might cause a few large issues with connection timeouts. I thought only one lab would be needed, not two.

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