Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Focus Group

Tonight was a first for me, being on a focus group looking at developing a new initiative for a organisation I have had some dealing with for the past 6 months. Isn't is amazing what can happen when you speak up and and ask a few questions at an open evening.

It has helped that we had a road-show exhibit at school for the past couple of days and I now wish I had gone through the whole experience with the road-show rather than going in and having a look around myself and asking the person a few questions, I also wish I had gone through another roadshow when it was availble last year as it would have helped having an informed decision tonight.

I did like the three concepts that we talked about at the start, though one really stood out for me which more looked at memory and thinking. As the night developed we looked at more concepts that came from the table and these would develop more and more, links to the new curriculum were talked about and the development of key competences around thinking and managing ones self came into light. Hearing the discussions around the table about these showed me that we are on the right track at school, but we do have a lot further to go, I am kind of annoyed that one of the days next term which will be a teacher only day will be looking at thinking skills, I will be missing that one as I am leaving teaching for a while. I hope someone will take some notes or that I will be able to go on some Professional Development later on to pick this up, as I can now see were this will be leading.

One of the points from the night I made was that we needed to look at what to organisation was there to do, what its main purpose is about and this is what is needed to be taken out to the schools in the region. Last year we talked about the school - organisation - school relationship and how that could be created. It is nice to see that others are in the same opinion.

At the end of the night, I missed chatting to one of the organisations designers, though he has invited me to go out to the organisation for a couple of days, which I would love to do, It will be a nice way to start my time off.

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