Wednesday, 11 March 2009

e-asttle implementation

Today was the first day of our two weeks of e-asttle testing. 29 students completed the english reading and 25 completed the mathematics. This is not without its issues,

first, our proxy/internet connection could not handle the load. We think this is a watchdog issue, not our systems, as we put learnt from this throughout the day we moved those students doing the testing to another proxy server. Could this be done through a isa rules, any student going to this site be transferred over an internal connection, this would save us changing every student every time we did this.

second, staff, we have put out emails, talked to staff, and organised relief to come in and help them with the testing, yet staff are one of the biggest issues with this, some are excellent and remind students the period before to go over to the labs to carry out the testing, others forget, or simply deal with other things not remembering that it takes 47 minutes to do the test.
This is also an issue with the units, people in charge of those special needs units are not telling the aides not to do the tests at the moment until we sort something out with the providers.

third, students, well in someway it is not the students fault, we have a number of students who are yet to be taken to a lab to login on the network, so this is eating up some of the time to be able to do this, hopefully this will go smoother over the next couple of weeks as all junior students will have completed at least two tests.

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