Sunday, 1 March 2009

Philosophy of house events

There have been a number of issues that have come up with our school house system where points are being removed from students when they do not turn up to events, I think this is wrong and am looking at the Philosophy behind the house events at school. This was given to me three years ago when I was first updating the house website.

The Philosophy of the PHS House Events
  • Students participation!
  • Fun-friendly-informal competition.
  • Fostering students’ pride in themselves and the school.
  • Opportunities for students to be involved with and contribute to the planning, organisation, leadership and ‘ownership’ of a school based activity.
House Events
The house events held throughout the year during form teacher sessions and lunch times (including sporting, performance, community and intellect based activities) have an important role within the school.

They are not ‘extra-curricular’ activities. House activities are an essential part of the curriculum. They are a part of the pastoral care system within the school.
House events provide students with a variety of opportunities to develop skills in planning, organisation, communication, management of themselves and peers, competition, team-work, cultural awareness and appropriate attitudes and values.

Editors Notes:
I look at the bullet points and wonder how the swimming and athletics have now become competitive to the point of out of 1800 students at the school only 48 students went down and participated. This breaks the first bullet point.

I would like to see what the trend is for students competing in the last seven years at the school because it just seems like this is something that needs to be looked at. Are we doing it too early in the year, is it that the majority of our students cannot swim.

I remember the days of my schooling where the whole school went down to Surrey park (500 students) and competed in events, this also happened at Ashburton domain (1100 students). I wonder how many students will be competing at this years athletics events.

Is this due to some form of we don't want to do it, or it takes to much work to run. or is our school too big to handle this type of "organised" event.

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