Sunday, 6 December 2009

Having some time to think

I thought I had better do another write up, with some extra information for me,

Time it has taken
21st November - Auckland Domain, to go through and find various cache places and puzzles.
22nd November - North Head - too look at locations for waypoint. Also cache making, various shop located to make cache boxes.
25th November - Auckland City to go through various locations for use for 3rd day.
28th November - Auckland Domain, to revise some locations as well as find some more caches and puzzles.
30 November - Drive around suburb to find locations for street orienteering.
1st December - Street orienteering, gps learning. Auckland Domain, to drop off caches boxes and check coordinates.
2nd December - Auckland Domain, Puzzles and Geocaching activities.
3rd December - Race around North Head, and CBD.
4th December - Auckland Domain, to pick up caches, lost Holey tree.
5th December - Auckland Domain, to take some photos to include in the Project poster. Create project poster to send to sponsors, as well as use at school.

Probably did not have enough time on the first day to do what is needed for the GPS.
Too many puzzles on second day, these sheets probably needed randomised to make sure that students did not go to the first cache site all at the same time. Holey Tree was probably a bit had it by the time the last group went, no cache items left.
Third day, the race, needed to get the GPS coordinates in Victoria Park correct to fix this in the future, though I don't know how much of the tunnel project will affect this park next year.
Total cost of the project? This needs to be worked out.
Can we handle more than 32 students, not really.

Geocaching the modern version of a scavenger hunt where we use billion dollar satellite technology to find platic containers (or other caches). It is a fast growing sport/hobby with potential for application in the realm of education. As students search for caches they apply many 21st century skills. The integration of this unique technology adds a "Wow" factor that increases student engagement and motivation.

Benefits to Students

Understanding of spatial relationships

Increased student engagement

Application of geography

21st Century Skills (Career-oriented)

Future technology

Different learning styles

One of the other things I have to consider when doing all of this is,

Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and different ways of learning"
-The NZ Curriculum (p36)

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