Sunday, 6 December 2009

Last week of school

Ahh, what a year, the last week of school is now upon me, and I think this year it has snuck up from behind. I have been putting so much into the project that I have completely lost track of time.
I have a meeting on Monday with knowledgeNET, this will be an interesting one, with the SMS <-> LMS operability, as well as the moodle integration into this as well.
I also have to get moodle in schools going on our domain server, this will replace the current moodle installation that I put up this year. It will also mean a way of creating resources for the KN version of moodle as well.
I have schemes for my courses to write for next year, this is or particular interest as I will be teaching a course that I haven't done since 2002, when I first started at the school.
One of the biggest changes will be what type of course will be created for year 13 next year. I have plans for the year 13 web design class,which will involve some serious programming and design to get going.
e-asTTle is still an ongoing concern, I have emailed them requesting some information on what is coming on the next version, though they have not released any information on when it is coming out, or how it will impact on its current resources. Rumours are that there will be changes to the customised testing, when a more comprehensive test will be used.
How am I going to bring the changes that have been designed for the new intranet site, this has been designed in wordpress, yet our school intranet server does not run this currently.

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