Sunday, 6 December 2009

Software Education project

I have been following a blog since last year, the same time as the iphone were announced for new zealand, and a massive truck protest interrupted a conference that i was at down auckland.

Computing for sustainability, I have been thinking around a project for students to create a game around this subject. It will mean that the students will have to do research on the subject. It is just in the planning design in my mind at the moment.
Through gamemaker, we could the students to create a game that would see the enemy cutting down trees, and you have to plant more trees than they cut down.

Through this I am also looking at our class taking on some responsibility within the school in doing a management project of the school stream. This would be a Visual basic development where students enter the results of the different variables down there. They then would be able to see a change over time. This will mean that the projects that we are working on will fit within a vision of the new curriculum. Especially page 36 of it, which is stated in a sidebar of my blog here. I am looking at sustainability as a classroom focus next year. This could also fit in with the end of year project based learning topic that I am slowing developing...
This was going to be a project that i was going to develop with my year 13 students, but since I am not taking that course next year, I thought i would have a go with my year 12. Considering the stakeholders that are available for this (school science dept, waicare, primary schools)... It is better than the simple educational resource program I have been getting them to create for the past couple of years.

A question for me, is do I bring this same type of sustainability into the year 13 computer applications class as well. Or is that going to be overkill.

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