Friday, 4 May 2012

Moodle login messages

I have been bust working out a different auth login for a project, these students have access to there own school moodle environments, however there environments wont allow a specific question type to installed and run, so we have been working a new server install to allow this type of programming development to happen.

For this project we using the auth/gauth plugin and is available through which allows students to use their openid google username as an authentication method, we have also set it to allow account creation based upon the information passed from google apps.
This will allow the possibility of schools that are not using moodle to be able to use the moodle course as we have some schools that are using alternative Learning Management Systems.
auth/gauth - OpenID authentication with Google
Activated as an authentication plugin, and must be configured.
Key configuration values are:
  • Domain name - the Google Apps domain name which forms the OAuth consumer key
  • OpenID username mapping: the field from the OpenID assertions that is used for matching to Moodle - usually 'openid', but can be 'email'
  • moodle username mapping - the field in Moodle that maps to the above OpenID userfield - usually 'idnumber'
This is available through the 2.2.2. installation.

Now we need to allow students to login, so changes to the login page are needed, I have been wondering how to do this for a long time, so reading the documentation on the git hub, it was explained:

If you want to use another authentication method together with auth/gauth, in 
parallel, change the 'Instructions' in the 'Common settings' of the 'Administrations
>> Users >> Authentication Options' to contain a link to the 
auth/gauth login page (-- remember to check the href and src paths --): 
Click /auth/gauth/index.php to login with SSO
However, looking at the instructions, this is under, Site Administration -> Plugins -> Authentication -> Manage Authentication
and in the
textbox Instructions

Here you can provide instructions for your users, so they know which username and password they should be using. The text you enter here will appear on the login page. If you leave this blank then no instructions will be printed.

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