Saturday, 19 May 2012

Something different

One thing that we are always told as teachers is to make the class work as realistic as possible, the work that we should develop for students show have a real world context.

That we should look at at adding richness to learning with real world experiences.

Now this is where is starts getting interesting, I have a number of students who are struggling with the current assessments, they need to get through a course and not disrupt other students from their learning.

These students have been withdrawn from class a number of times, have cause issues and disrupted teaching a number of times, how to get them reengaged and working towards attuning the requirements of course completion.

There are a number of competitions for students to enter in and this one is yet another, but it has a spin with it, I will buy the student who wins lunch. Every student once hearing that wants to be involved. But I have limited it to a year only, I have limited entry to year 13 students only, if it works well this year we have a possibility of extending it next year, however, we have to abide by the New Zealand Laws and at the moment I am wondering if this can be done.

There is the rugby competition in the region i am at which has a good number of team, and over 100 games of rugby played within the season. So the idea is to get the students to develop the material and infrastructure needed to create a pick competition out of it. Now it would have to be limited to a year group first as a proof of concept. However in following years this could be opened up to all year levels and also other schools. This would require a significant amount of development work.

Would a development like this be suitable in school?

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