Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pycode install developments

Today has been a busy day, changes to the site have been a plenty.
Updated from 2.1.5 through to 2.2.2
This has allowed some other changes to be implemented, one of these is a different authentication method, OpenID authentication with Google

Built into the 2.2.2 version.
auth/gauth - OpenID authentication with Google
Activated as an authentication plugin, and must be configured.
Key configuration values are:
  • Domain name - the Google Apps domain name which forms the OAuth consumer key
  • OpenID username mapping: the field from the OpenID assertions that is used for matching to Moodle - usually 'openid', but can be 'email'
  • moodle username mapping - the field in Moodle that maps to the above OpenID userfield - usually 'idnumber' 
I have been thinking about the fact that we have two schools that could potentially use this at present. Can I lock the domain names down to the two schools, or do I leave it open, and inform schools that the method of authentication is, this would mean that only the schools that know can access, also the method of enrollment is the next one.
I am thinking about using "Self enrolment (Student)" and applying a password that is made available.

Using the enrolment settings we can look at unenrolling students after a certain period of time after the course has been completed, the other is the users on the moodle instance itself, these can be removed using moodle as well. So management of users could be left up to the system to manage. 

This was a concern by another user, how would it be managed, so through systems that are built in and have been added it seems that there is little to do apart from making sure a cron job happens.

Update: 20 May 2012, looking at the github support has now been added that I can limit the auth domains, I can limit them with a ",". This will allow me to do,, so it is a great possibility.


Piers Harding said...

Hi -

The original source for the auth/gauth plugin is here . It should be quite easy to add multiple domain support for gauth, and if you have ideas around what improvements you need then ping me via GitHub - if it all makes sense then we can organise to get the changes into Moodle In Schools.

Piers Harding.

Piers Harding said...
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