Sunday, 22 September 2013

A possible future course - 3D printing and robotics

I have just been introduced to Jimmy the Robot,

Jimmy is part of the brain child of Brian Johnson, Intel Futurist. Jimmy is 3D printed, and all the

development and changes will be open source.

Robotics and 3D Printing - Jimmy

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"If we get this open source and apps into peoples lives, they will start to come up with the really cool stuff. They will come up with the next twitter for robots." Quote from Brian Johnson, Intel Futurist. This quote resonates with me rather well, in the age of BYOD, and the New Curriculum, is there opportunity to extend and open ourselves with new ways of teaching and learning. (Page 36, New Zealand Curriculum, 2007)

The Science Fiction book 21st Century Robot explores the fictional world of Jimmy the Robot and his human, Simon Egerton. Future release of the book will contain open source design files for you to modify your very own 3D printable Jimmy the Robot!

Imagine this as a project for a technology scholarship or student project next year, what will the student be able to get out of it? Technology in action.

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