Sunday, 1 September 2013

year 9 students and a 10c piece

I have been busy changing my year 9 course, so far we have not touched any office products. We have been use google docs as our productivity suite. Setting up documents in word processing, sheets. It is the sheets that I have had fun with. First task was to put in cities within new zealand and then find the top temperatures for the next five days. Simple enough task, metservice, however, students have a different opinion on what a city is. Once completed, they them average the temperature, min and max.

Second task, test results for 10 students, also a good way to get to know your students. 5 Test results and leave one out due to they were "sick" that day. average, sum, min, max and count. Now they have to explain why there is only 9 results on that test and not 10 like the others. I also brought this is as error checking, starting to bring in some simple computer science into the course.

Next task, flipping a coin. Now I must admit I got his idea out of a maths book. 100 flips of the coin. Easy enough, now list the number 1 to 100. Students learn about the use of fill down. Students then go through and list Heads or Tails depending on what they tossed. Then a introduction to the COUNTIF function. And also introduction to the division (/) to find out the percentage where they get to use the % button.

Now to do the simple stuff like, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

But what amazed me was that in the 9 years they have been doing mathematics, not once had they ever flipped the coin?

Imagine what would happen if I brought a bag of m&m's to the class and worked out how many of each colour there would be in a packet?

Yes, I did get all of the 10c pieces back at the end of class.

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