Sunday, 15 September 2013

Subject selection feedback

Students this year have had difficulty logging in. Mainly due to details being incorrect within our student management system. This is of huge concern.
Other reason is students not following instructions. dd/mm/yy they have been entering ddmmyy

90% completion rate.

Things that went wrong, year 11 students could not select CAL3 or STA3, as a number of students have been advanced.
Enhanced english at year 10 was not available, this is a selected number of students.

Form tutors were given a verification form on Friday, year 9, 11, 12. Looks like i forgot to include year 10, this will be caught up on monday.

Also on monday we have to import all 2014 subject selection into musac. this will allow us to start developing a plan for 2014.

Last year running this. A project that started off as an idea and so many years service. It will be nice to start looking at another project and using my knowledge and help improve an aspect of education.

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