Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Been busy

It's been busy over the last couple of days working through trademe and watching my auctions, not that I have been selling stuff I have been busy purchasing items. The problem I have now is waiting for the items to arrive from the north island to where I am in the south. I have a project that I wish the students to plan, design and get running in a tight timeframe. When they walk in the door that first day of class they will have 6 months to have the site designed and working as well as getting it onto a domain that they have to research and present to the client before purchase. All they will get at the start is a book with the instructions that they want this created as a website. That's it. Though interviews with the client they will learn more and the client will start asking questions of them and probe them to find the answers. I believe that this will be a good assessment task.

The books will have to be scanned, I have managed to get three book, I hope two are the same, the other one focuses on a area more specifically. Scanning them should not be a issue, though it will have to be a page at a time due to I dont want to cut the book. The reason behind this getting scanned is that more than one student can acces it at a time. Will have to look at the copyright statements at the front of the book just to make sure I am meeting what I teach.
Storage will be another issue, I have so far over 100meg of 5 megapixel images with the logo and other requirements that they will have to meet. WHy I am not saying too much about the project, because I don't want anyone else doing it, I don't want the students doing a copy and paste. I want them to think for themselves. Why am I posting it on here, because I need to get some of my thoughts out and onto paper or screen.

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