Thursday, 7 May 2009

unsure of what to call it yet system 0.1

I am busy starting to create a new application that is made in php and mySQL. it is to hold all the book information required for the business that i am working in at the moment. I have thought about this for a couple of weeks now and got started designing the database structure around it today and have hit a bit of a wall around the issue of what happens when an author is deceased, where do the royalities go. This means that we need to include an alternative contact in the system to help with this.

So far I am busy working on the author table and author page. Adding a new author and changing the details of a author, I have had to include a extra piece into the system already, with two addresses, one for shipping and one for the bill. Easy enough to do.

The second table will be the titles of the books, not too sure what information is required in here, I am thinking about tapping into the schools library system and having a look at what information we are required to have. As I think we have to start thinking about description, size and other details of ISBN numbers. I would love to have access to an ISBN database to gain some of these details, but that is unlikely at present. multiple titles against one author.

the last is the quoting system where more information is held about the text, cover, details, prices and design issues. This will the last one that I hit as I will have to add some extra ajax features to help with this. I look forward to it, and will start versioning the system at 0.1. this versioning will be added to the system tomorrow.

I will say, it makes a huge difference adding a simple graphic that I accidently scanned on the Konica Minolta Multidevice System. It does not look like a lifeless webpage now, it has a human touch.

Trying to remember the php and mySQL that I need. So glad I still have access to the Subject Choice System that i brought in last year, will take me a few days to get into it again, as i don't do this fulltime.

Also reading more information about ISBN numbers, which is interesting, I am wondering of I can grab a whole lot of information out of the database, if I have access to the database?

When showing Author information, quotes need to be shown, status of quote - colour New quote, handover, proof, production... this may need to be adjusted.

When this is put into production information needs to be able to be changed over with ease, select fields in quote to be able to be changed over to title table. These fields will have to be able to be edited and a warning put on to make the use aware that this is happening.

One of the other things is that I need to find out what it means when the LCD displays "FF" on a efi Fiery Device, good luck working that one out Jess.

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