Thursday, 28 May 2009

subject choice

Changes made,

I will have to take down the subject choice system for a little time today to fix up a bug. We do not allow or was it in that the subject codes could be changed. Subject codes are normally set in stone and have been for the last up-ten years. This affect all year 12 business classes. This will require the whole subjects table to be exported, changed and imported back in.

Another things, after all the science subjects were allocated to there teacher in change, two weeks ago, I have now needed to do this for another department as well. I probably should have created a all in compassing department id that multiple people could have used. Oh well. We all learn from our mistakes.

Email that was sent to all HoDs...
Due to a number of requests for changes to the option choices online program, this will have to be taken down for a hour to sort out re-coding of some subjects as well as adding extra users. This will happen between 4-5pm today.

Sorry for any troubles, as usual any issues please email

This was managed without having to do a full export, instead it was easier than that, I was trying to rename a 12ACA subject to 12ACC before the 12ACC subject had been rewritten to 12ACF. Working this around fixed the issue. I still took it down to do some maintenance on the software and to do a full export, drop and import, just to make sure the backup will work if need be.

All systems are back up and running, if any Authorized staff made any changes to their subjects between 4:00 and 4:35pm these may not have been changed in the database.

All the functions on the staff and student interface have been successfully tested are are functional,

Sorry for any inconvenience during this time.

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