Friday, 8 May 2009

unsure of what to call it yet system 0.1a

With a lot of luck today and some reading I managed to get the interface working to a standard of getting the information out of the database and onto the screen. It looks good and has a purpose now.

Though this isn't the news of the day, it more more working through the various informtion that the business holds.
1) The online shopping mall
2) The information held on pieces of paper
3) The accounting program

It is trying to marry all these pieces of information together that is one of the hardest things,
I grabbed a copy of the piece of paper that had all the books that the shop itself can sell, 134. I gathered the information from the accounting program, they have 303 books one it. And then there is the online shopping mall which has 94 books on it. With that there are Authors, I managed to extract all the debtors from the system in a workable format that I am using to marry them up against the books.

All of this while waiting for school to get back to me to make the changes needed to the subject selection program. I also wish that they would give me the scores for the house football as I need to get the graphics done. I am still waiting on this even though I have sent email to those in charge. I don;t think they realise how important it is to get the information out to the students.

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