Monday, 11 May 2009

unsure of what to call it yet system 0.1b

Today was getting the books database created, I have added some fields which will be useful, though there will probably need to be some extra added at a later stage. Today was more about getting the fields to update so they should the new information from the database. This caused me some issues surrounding the UPDATE SET, this should have been UPDATE table SET. I know something so simple cause me so many problems. Though it is starting to come together. Now that the information from the online shopping site will be imported tomorrow, we will be able to develop this further. the last part will be the quoting system or job management system, this will require some css styles to help differ the status, this will also require a separate reporting schema to help the developers show where they are at.

Also working out where this is going to be hosted? At the moment this is all sitting on a usb stick running XMAPP lite on a Asus eee pc running portable apps.

Will probably need to tidy up the database before I bring in the large imports. Matching authors with books/quotes.

An issue I have found is that with the book binder to remove the glue from the tank requires a rather large crescent to remove the bolt holding in the glue.

Another project I have been interested in is the Asterisk Project, Making your own PABX system, I am intrigued by this. the Asterisk Project is Open Source,
I just wish I had a bit more understanding in it and access to some of the cards.
pdf explaining it all here

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