Saturday, 6 June 2009

Extra Curricular

A number of years ago while I was doing my teacher training I was working in a school that started classes at 8am as a glide class. This was a extra class the students could take to earn themselves some extra credits and develop some extra skills. I am thinking about offering something like that for my students next term, we have a opportunity to enter the LEGO robocup, there is just one problem. We have not done any work on robotics yet. This leaves in a position of having nothing.

I am proposing that we offer a class early one or two mornings a week where the students who are interested in entering this can come and design as well as program their entry.

It needs to be a well designed course that puts the students in charge, they will need there google apps account running, as well as access to a blog account? Do I make it a wiki and use sites in google apps?

Issues I can see, are students that start coming but when it gets harder they will drift away.
Wednesday morning is Professional Development - that we are required to go to.

Could this run during the students study period, will have to do a check on what options the student have what in, this is not too much of a problem as we can export the students subjects in option lines in our Student Management System.

It cannot put any extra burden on my timetable?

Another class is going to be xna programming using the curriculum so I can take some games that the students have created to Ulearn.

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