Saturday, 6 June 2009

Run your XNA Games in Silverlight!

Are you a game developer and your XNA games are running on PC or the Xbox 360? You can easily port these games for playing in the browser using the SilverSprite library on CodePlex.

SilverSprite helps you run your XNA game in Silverlight 2, though there is a limitation: the games can have SpriteBatch-based graphics, meaning no 3D games. Since XNA Game Studio is C#-based and Silverlight can do C#, it is possible to easily port an XNA game to the browser using the SilverSprite library. SilverSprite simulates the XNA Framework library, meaning there are no code changes to the XNA games required.

For more information, see SilverSprite. You can submit your XNA game to Silver Arcade. If you're a professional developer, see XNA for a list of links and resources.

If you are a small game studio, hobbyist, or student looking to get started in game development or find resources to help a game concept already in development, see XNA Creators Club Online.

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