Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wordpress Multi User

I am looking more and more at wordpress to do some work in term 3, and have come to conclusion that i dont want to install approx 23 wordpress sites. That is how many subjects/department that are at our school.

Instead I want something nice and simple.

I checked my blog roll this morning and found a post about a multiuser wordpress edition.

Wordpress MU

This year I got to work a lot with Wordpress MU as we installed it on a district server and used it as our blogging platform for or teachers. I learned quite a bit about how NOT to do things, and some neat tricks along the way!

It is important to note that Wordpress MU is a derivative of the Wordpress software. Therefore, the coding, installation, themes, plugins, etc…are all very similar and many themes and plugins that work for Wordpress will work in Wordpress MU. Just FYI – my blog is a Wordpress blog installed on – my host.
She has tons of great tips and resources--including a printable PDF (14 pages)--that you can view online.

Checking this out is worthwhile, it will be a great way to keep tabs on what is happening through an entire site. Also they are looking at incorporating this into future wordpress editions.

Also, this is what is needed for a website that I am running as a portal, think student intranet meets world wide web. This that we need available inside and outside of school that we normally wouldn't be able to do, either through technical, security or just someone doesn't want to do it. This would be great running the various ideas
- Arts and Culture
- House Competition
- Talent Quest (The Student Vote)
Things that we can't put up on the school internet webpage

These should probably go on the school Learning Management System, but that had serious issues.

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