Sunday, 18 August 2013

christchurch mashup

This weekend was the first Christchurch mashup, a mashup is a webpage or application that integrates complementary elements from two or more sources.

There were seven. Business scenarios that we could choose to develop, the students started off by selecting one rather than developing ideas for each of the seven. Although this takes up time, one of the mentors suggested that doing this allows for more than one idea to develop and combine with another. This allowed the students to look at two of the scenarios and be able to bring the ideas together. The two days have been busy with more business development, normally why I would call brief development, concept development and planning, though the planning was done for is really, but students had to work to timeframes, complete progress reports, as well as still work on their development. It is a pity that we could not really work through one of the main aspects of the mashup which was prototyping

Prototyping was 15 points, it may not seem much, but to have something working is better than nothing and could assist with the way this was run.

I had a great time during the two days, first working with students providing some advice and ideas, but also working with technical mentors as well. Something that I need to get more. I need to work out how to
: get access to I data
: work out how to get the data I want/need
: export the data in a usable form
: get the data into an application, be it leaflet or ArcGIS
: integrate another set of data to make it more valuable.

This to me is where digital technologies starts coming into play, as well as geography. I med to chat with my Geography teacher on how to present this data in a more useful form.

Though it great for my students to do well, one prize for best entrepreneur, and another one for Best Public Safety and Community Partnership Mashup.

Thank you for making the data available, ecan, linz,, cdc and transportforchristchurch, without your feeds we would not have been able to do what we did.

For more information about what happened this weekend, see we look forward to next years one in march, which has another positive for us, it means that this could be project for the rest lf the year based upon generic technology.

Steeping back I would like to see a couple of the ideas that we came up enveloped, as I think they are feasible, however, as it came out this weekend, what is the funding stream?

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