Friday, 16 August 2013

Year 9 reflection

Over the years I have been doing reflections, however I have now started to reflect through different ways. Year 9 trimester 2 has just finished and I asked some questions about the course.

What did you learn that was new?

Certainly interesting that programming came up quite highly, as well as learn. Student learnt how to program in scratch as well as through there robotics unit. As it is an introduction course, students worked through digital information skills, email, and internet searching skills through the innz natlib challenge, as well as fireworks, mindmapping and robotics. It has been a pretty full on course. This trimester I used more online environments as well as changing the course. Though we could not do this with all the classes as there is not enough robotics kits for the students to use.
Group work also became a focus during the trimester as students has to build, program and test the robot. This has also been a challenge as what happens when a group member is at music or sick.

How do you think the course could be improved?

Interesting that students want more challenges in their work, maybe they are so used to do the same thing or doing the same type of task over and over. It is also interesting that time and think also come up. Time to grasp a new concept, or to much time given to a concept.

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