Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Looking at the computer science standards

It has been interesting doing the course to date. Maybe I have been thinking about aspects that are complex and difficult, however through the work of Tim and others I am now realising that the majority of the course is available through This is providing an opportunity to take some aspects out of a computer lab. Through a discussion last night students like to work with big pieces of paper, do a physical activity rather than on the screen.

Do we as digital technologies teachers think that everything has to be done on a computer? Do students expect that everything has to be done on a computer? 

Last year I did an exam problem, the seven bridges problem. Drew it on the quad at school in chalk and had the students running around for half an hour while they tried solving it. In a classroom they would have had it on paper, drew some ideas and told me 5 minutes layer that it isn't solve able. Sometimes I wonder what they will remember the most?

Its always the big activity :)


Sara Hampton said...

So cute I love the high vis. What questions did your students ask about the purpose of the activity once they figured out it was impossible so solve and what were your answers.

oneteachersview said...

Wow, that was last year.

What would have to change to allow you to cross each bridge once? Either add a bridge in or remove a bridge.

Why did we have to do it? Could we have not done it on paper? As we were doing programming at the time during the normal classroom session, it was to allow them to see that not all problems are solveable. Also got them to rethink some of their specifications.

They solved it by a students sneaking onto his cellphone and searching "seven bridges". But until then the answer when they asked was, "It is solvable". Do students always believe what the teacher says?

Being able to do a problem physically is good form them, imagine how many times students have got stuck on a problem sitting in a classroom, they then do another activity, or move to another class, they then want to come back in because they have suddenly have solved it. I know that this is sometimes how I have solved a problem. Do a different activity helps.

Tim Bell said...

Big is good!

I love the attention to detail.