Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Formal Languages

Sorry, am I am having to put my normal post on hold. Too much other stuff going on this week so far and still have the assignment to finish.

I have had a good start on it, looking at two resources, though I am unsure of how to develop my conclusion at present.

Thursday won't help at school,

Faculty meeting at 8am,
Modern Learning Environments PLD at 8:15-9:00
Non contact, fill in application for funding for 3d printer
No assembly today, instead its target forward interview will year 10-13 students
End of school, think I may have students coming back for a re-assessment, tidy up room
Parent teacher interviews 4-7pm, 32 interview slots filled
Association Committee Meeting 7-8pm

I think somewhere in there is something else I have missed.

I have sent a draft away to lecturer, will see what returns.

Oh, I was supposed to grab the sand from my brothers and fill the cups tonight for algorithms tomorrow!

Currently doing some coding - compressing a 30 Gig video file down to 4Gig and trying to keep the quality of the footage.

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