Thursday, 15 August 2013

Should we go Google?

Almost every day I hear at school, why can't we access our documents on the BYOD wifi, this is due to protection to stop virus' and being a drop box for school as we can't store all the students data. I understand this, however, why can't we move towards google docs or skydrive, because we need to store the students data.  Hang on, we need to store students data? Why is this? I understand some of the data that we need to store, certain application require data to be store within My Documents, however students documents, spreadsheets, presentations are something different. Large photoshop images ares something that is just too big, but with fibre now and the uncapped connection, is it not possible to make a folder, or folders sync up.

Have the tools been created to allow a better syncing method as students don't sit on the same computer, is there a tools that allows a sync to happen to the server?

This would allow students to access data at home, work on essays both at school and at home. I use dropbox a lot, it alllows me to edit documents on my mac and save them, then access the same docs at school to allow me to continue editing.

What is annoying is that I can't use dropbox sync on my Chromebook or surface.
I can't use google drive sync on my surface.
I can't use skydrive on my chromebook.

I wonder what would happen if I installed all three systems on my mac to sync the same folders?

What sync do you use?

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