Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Student outcomes, feedback from teachers

I have a project that has been launched by three students, it was released to those that asked to be informed. The feedback is interesting,

Fabulous! I will use this info when discussing course content and even PD for myself. Thanks you for preparing this. Great idea!

Thank you, this is going to be very useful. I hope this website will stay live into 2015. In appreciation for your work, I hope you receive an excellence.

Awesome work and very interesting to look around the country in the way you have set it up.

Thank you for this information, I found it very interesting to see the side range of courses being offered by the different schools around my area and beyond, especially our neighbouring school. I found it very interesting to see the number of students that are enrolled at each level. I would like to have seen somewhere within the data the total number of students enrolled in the school to see if there is any correlation between school enrolments and course enrolments.
The layout of the information is very fluid and easy to understand.
Well done on an excellent project and resource.

Good luck with the work that you are doing. I will have a look now and give you some feedback if I see anything that you should be aware of.

Nice work, One Question, I recall submitting our response yet we are not on the map. Is this becasue you didn't get my response.

One little glitch I found, our website doesn't open as it needs to have the www in front.
I have had a very quick glance, as naturally looked at our school first, so if you want to fix this link problem, that would be great. I will study it more over the coming days, looks very impressive.

The site looks good. Easy to navigate around and very clear in the design and layout. Fonts are large and clear which makes it easy to read. Use of colour sparingly means things stand out. For this to have a purpose for me it would have to be updated every each year as I make changes to my course content dependet on the students I have and on their interests areas. As far as sustainability goes if it is automatically updated it would be useful. It could also be a site that is used by teachers to find other teachers doing the same standards so they can support and collaborate.
If and how the site will remain updated could means that it needs to removed after some time to ensure that it is not accurate information that is reflected on the school. This will affect the lifecycle of the outcome etc.
Your statement about some schools not completing it for whatever reason means that there are no judgements made and it is good that you discuss why some fields are blank. This means that you have considered the social impact that the page could have on those who have not completed whilst also giving them a chance to complete the survey.
I hope this helps, I know how difficult it is for students to sometimes get feedback and have teh support of the work they do for a real situation.

Wow, This is an amazing effort. i'm really impressed.

Well done boy's Your home page is clean, easy to understand and user friendly. The map took some time to load. The maps works well, the links work to the schools I looked at, loaded quickly and was well laid out. I found the information that you gathered rather interesting and in some cases surprising. I tried the search function and that interacted as expected with the map. I was not able to try this on another device but wondered if you had created a responsive web site or not. I could not remember which standards you were focusing on for this.

Well done on the completion of your project. It is always interesting to see which standards other schools are offering.

You have not shown me the brief on what you set out to do, so I cannot give you an appropriate feedback for your work.
The data collected is represented well on the map.

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