Friday, 5 September 2014

students projects going live

One of the students projects has gone live. The feedback from teachers is impressive. One of the issues that the students are facing is the issues that schools have with their websites. The students used information from from the schools directory. They are now having teachers provide feedback that there own school website does not work.

If I put my own schools address in a browser it fails when I am at school. When I am at home it works. That is because schools setup there own DNS settings, normally setting up for their internal domain. This means going to will not work internally in the school, however, when you enter when at home it will find the IP address and access the website.

Another issue that has been brought up is the accuracy of the information, as it was only 104 schools that completed the survey. There are some schools which I think have realised that the information they entered does not put them in a good light and that they want to change the information. Others mention the issues around when the data is collected, what is the longevity of the information.

It was outlined in the survey introduction that this was going to be used to develop a website showing what is going on. Every chase up email included the letter that was sent out that included how the information was going to be used.

I do wonder what the outcome of the next release will be, looking at the feedback that these students are getting.

One of the great things about this project is that it is real data, a real website and that it is available for people to have a look at.

One of the feedback emails,
I have received an email from your student with the link to the finished project. The project is put together well and has validity. Please pass on my congratulations to the students involved as the execution is great.

As a matter of curiosity, I would love to have a summary of how they approached the task and the different obstacles that got in their way.

Awesome work...

*Great to get this feedback, I like the idea of a summary of how they approached the task, guess what, that is their final brief...

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