Monday, 8 September 2014

What seems easy... but isn't

I gave the Digital Information Assessment to my students today, what seems easy, and if anyone looked at it would go, that isn't complex information. But until you tried it you start to see it falling away from being an easy assessment into one that turns complexity on its head.

Simple enough, here is a data set, now create something with it...

This is way easy say the students. You want us to create something with this... Yes, I want you to create a visualisation.

Show them

Right, now the information that you have has an issue, it is set for NZTM, ahhh, whats that... It is a way of recording a position, but it doesn;t work with cartodb. Ok, how do we convert this.

Oh, you use the LINZ converter to convert it from NZTM to WGS84... Whats NZTM, Whats WGS84

Oh yeah the LINZ data converter doesn't accept empty values... it removes them. Ummm

If you look at this assessment you would say it was too easy, it is not until you dig deeper into it that you realise, what a *********

UPDATE: We had to replace this with the NZGD 2000 as it provided better results.
Students have managed to work out some issues with the LINZ Converter, rather than downloading the recalculated results they have found it better to show them within the webpage, take a copy and paste them into a csv file.

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