Thursday, 11 September 2014

Key competencies - nzcer survey

Interesting talking around some of the aspects of the idea that I posted earlier, Key Competencies came into effect.

One of the areas that came up on twitter for me recently was  Key Competencies.

I started doing some digging around, and came across a NZCER project from 2010...

Any school can use these surveys but there are some important things you need to keep in mind. These surveys:
  • are overview tools. They explore some dimensions of each key competency but it would be impossible to explore everything that could be relevant to each one. There is a trade-off to be made between exploring the complexity of the key competencies and the diversity of practices relevant to each, whilst also keeping the surveys a reasonable length.
  • are primarily focused on views about classroom practice. They do not explore how other school-related experiences, such as participating in a sports team or as a student leader, might also assist students to strengthen the key competencies.
  • gather perceptions, not data about actual activity. Different people will see a situation in different ways. It can be useful to compare different perspectives. There are teacher and student versions of the survey to help you do this.
  • are used to look at aggregated or group patterns — they are not about individual thoughts and practices. Responses should be kept confidential. Be careful about making generalisations — especially if you only have small numbers of responses (e.g. from staff in a small school).
  • are designed to support professional learning. Do use the surveys to generate learning conversations about what's happening in classrooms now and what could change.
  • are not designed to be used for accountability purposes. Don’t use them to make judgments about how well teachers are supporting students to strengthen the key competencies.
The teacher survey can be completed by primary or secondary teachers. The student survey is designed for Year 4-13 students.

However the links fail, I have has to do some work to find the files and have included them in a dropbox. These are the student survey and xls spreadsheet file only, I do not have the teachers documents.

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