Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Inclusion? I put a question mark here because I am not sure around the title.

Developing programmes of learning for all learners. I remember something here from when I was at Teachers College. But other things stick with me.

My mates at school who were always out at Reading Recovery, or a Mathematics programme. A student who in the same class year after year with the same teacher, she had down syndrome. A blind student who was part of my Bachelors classes at Polytechnic.
Working at the primary school before I started teaching who had a special needs unit and some of the greatest students who I remember today. The school also had a deaf care taker who I learnt sign language off in the working mens club on friday after school whit a jug of coke and raspberry drink. My first secondary school who had a special needs unit on site, who I would join for lunch and head up to the camp for the evening so they knew a teacher at school. The Deaf education centre who had a number of students in class who taught me so much about who they were.

I suppose I am lucky to have met so many wonderful people in my journey, and it continues. We have a unit on site and the students are made to feel part of the school. Many times walking down the runway(corridor) they are waking with me as I head off to a Learning Space or a break in the day, they great me, and I them.

But todays post is about some other students who are in my class. One who is a wheel chair who I have had on GET LOST and in other classes before. But this year it feels different, the WOT POINT Module is about getting to know the community, some of the history. While other students get to go out and find their building/structure, for this student it is a little bit harder. The paths and not formed well in the old areas, the bushes are overgrown, and because we are semi rural, sometimes there is not path to be found. We had tried to go out before, but the difficulties were too great. However, it sat in the back of my mind, we need to get him out, too see the building and take photos. Talking with the teacher aides and finding out what could be done. It wasn't until I was sitting in the Library talking with our staff that someone suggested a go pro. That I had in the office. Finding out about transport was through the SENCO. A plan formed and a chat with his Mum. Transport was organised. Today we used the handle bar mount from the go pro and attached it to his wheel chair so he could operate the camera function. Trail and error block 3, getting him to record a video of the hallway, and also take pictures of the library staff. He had the confidence to be able to use the go pro on his own.

At the end of lunch, a fresh battery, he was on his EOTC trip, up to the Hobsonville Early Settlers church.

A wonderful smile on his face when he came back. Proud that he had done what was needed. The photos were quickly transferred from the go pro and emailed to him. He now has his own images from his own EOTC trip and is busily going through critiquing them before he uses them on his work.

Thanks to the teacher aides that help him with his work, translating my answers, providing me with ideas to help, and also trying to help put into place what is in my mind. To our staff at school who support me by answering my questions and also giving me ideas to assist the students to have success with learning.

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