Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week six reflection

Week six reflection. This week was one of difference. Due to athletics day being on a Wednesday, it would affect the amount of days that big project runs, so swap Tuesday and Wednesday. This helped with one thing for me, an EOTC trip to the pop up globe to see Othello. Watching the students digest the play, the blood and the atmosphere was awesome. It was a play that I did not have the opportunity to study when I was at school. The opportunity for our students to see it performed in a like globe theatre is something special.

Getting students to understand how their brain works and what quadrants are at work is one thing that we spend time on. Students being able to understand themselves as a learner. Yes, I included play-doh (from my nephews, thats what they get told), for students to develop something physical.

Orienteering continues, in a cold wet day, which they loved, once they got over the, oh no, I going to get wet. The conversations around route choice continue in the van on the drive home.

The first prototype of the runner system was built and tested this week. Including a list of future enhancements.
  • admin page to see all times, clickable to see individual user profiles
  • data dump from box to araako
  • different profiles for different event types on box
  • Character correction on names of people
  • different colours on neopixel for different aspects
  • 3G
  • update website to include hobsonville run, safety, course
  • process to get community engaged, media
  • second box for school
  • Make the website a bit more pretty
  • weather integration
  • change profile on settings page
  • preloaded settings for neopixel
  • lost tag procedure and process
  • tracking who is still out on course, not tag off
  • backup of all web files and sql before next development

It is entertaining to watch our students practice for the shakespare festival coming soon. It is amazing how much they understand and want to get it right.

Adventure racing
training started this week, a 5km run, which the runner system was used for the first time. It has been great to see the students so far committed to the 6:30am starts.

And last, fear, I have a fear of heights, something which happened when working on a construction project when I was younger. A former student offered tickets to go bungy jumping, something I hopefully one day will attempt. But not today. Instead today was just enough to go walking under the harbour bridge to the aj hacket bungy pod.

Earlier this year, one of our teachers who teaches physics jokingly said that he wish he could go bungy jumping. A former student occasionally offers some tickets to be able to do this. I managed to get a ticket to enable our teacher to do this.
In the process of todays jump, the other ticket when to someone I knew for the school, it was great to be able to catch up and talk about 12 years ago.

I look forward to next week, and must start thinking about what to do in the holidays coming up.

Oh yeah, athletics got cancelled, so Wednesday was Tuesday at school.

How are modules and SPINS going? Progress reports have just been completed, just the odd student needing to get their evidence in check.
WOTPOINT moves on from sketching to development on the computer through google sketchup.
WALLE moves on as students have been working on their programming and development of sensors, need to work on the teamwork a bit more.
DESIGNW, students have confidence in using tags to create webpages and are now moving onto some image manipulation.
HWMGHTWE, moves away from khan academy and the SQL work, this stuff is honestly at NCEA Level 3 sometimes, I must say that I am impressed at what the students have managed to cover. Now to move onto the next part, php understanding.

I must say that I am missing PROJECTS, I have just been offered the development of something rather cool, which would fit in with projects really well, has a great partner and travel.

Hub is going rather well, students have noticed the step up in activity and work. I must remember that friday is reflection day. I have had two more students added to hub, which is good, one student was in my hub two years ago, the other will keep her brother in line. A comment from them on friday, "This is the first reflection I have done this year." 

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