Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Technological Products-thoughts

This is one that I am struggling with at the moment.

Technological products are material (tangible) objects that have been designed by people and developed through technological practice to serve particular functions.
In every technological product there is a crucial relationship between the (chemical) composition and structure of the materials used and their performance properties.
For this reason, technologists need to be able to evaluate different materials and select the most suitable for their purpose.
They also need to understand how existing materials can be modified or new materials formulated, and how choice of materials impacts on the design, development, maintenance, and disposal of technological products.
Being in a digital technologies space, what am I to do?
I have bene thinking about what 3d printing material could be used to show this, the ideas of plastics(pla) and being able to reuse.

Looking at the other ideas of 3d printing, wood, flex(rubber). Just thinking about the amount of printing and projects to work on.

Thinking about the idea of disposal, how do we dispose of our waste within the school? What waste do we currently have? 
Developing a piece of work to show the waste and the outcomes from it.

All the exemplars I can find are around wool(fabrics) or food technology.

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