Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week eight reflection

This week a feature of the point opened, the rifle range. This was part of the old hobsonville base and one of the structures that has been decided to be kept. It is now a performance space, in which it shows off its potential at its opening.

Getting down to business. As the term goes the first parts of the check in with students are happening. Getting students to develop pieces of evidence. One has been around sketches as well as 3D sketchup of some of the features of the point. While qualification students get to grips with HTML and css.

As listed in one of my blog posts this week, it has been one of how to have all students getting their evidence. One students is wheelchair bound, and the first trip we did to the church did not go so well. This week with the help of his mum, he managed to get to the church, go around and take his own photos using a go pro mounted onto his wheelchair. He was so proud.

The last week of orienteering this week, with 6 of our students making it through to the finals. Just remember to turn the page over.

I have been trying to get some extra 3D printers in for a while now. We now have them and I have been busy printing some tests off, as well as finalising some research into different ideas into how to use it in class. Following the ideas of orienteering and contours, there is a potential to develop mt everest as a number of tiles. I am looking at the idea of gamification to help develop ideas as part of next terms course.

Adventure training continues in the dark on friday mornings, great to see how positive the students are at this time of morning./

Retrieve a missing cache. I finally got back to the domain where I was happy to find the missing GETLOST cache from last year not to far away from where it was placed.

This weekend I went to the museum to see the urbaniceberg. What a treat it was to the museum turned into this. Some great visuals and sounds which made me think of the trips to the glaciers in my childhood.

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