Saturday, 18 March 2017

Week seven reflection

I think this week is one of the pit... This is something that we have talked about as a staff the last couple of years. It is something that we recognise, and the fun and humor of the place helps to reduce the impact. I would say however that this term I probably have missed something going on. I think its something that I may need to focus again.

This week I recognized students steeping up and helping others, especially in the WOTPOINT class, students have been working on developing their ideas for there 3D building in sketchup, and when students need help, others step in. I acknowledge Serena, one of our Teacher Aides who stepped up to help one of our students in developing the knowledge to build his own 3D church. He was engaged for the whole period, which is something to be said.

The fire service came to visit this week, yeap the smoke detectors work. It wasn't me.

The mornings are particularly stunning at the moment, we often sit in the staff room before school and watch the birds, this week has been building up my mathematics knowledge around networks and fractals. The conversation soon turned to distance between the birds landing on the rail, is there an order, where does the next bird land, and do they have friends or is there a pecking order on who lands where?

DESIGNW is focussing on developing skills and knowledge in image manipulation, this is the third year I have used the photos from places around the school. It is great to see how you can use a resource like this again and again with new students and what you can do with it.

I am often acknowledged for the other stuff I do in the school, this week was being able to support the volleyball girls at their final. Great to see them win, the coaching from the sports coordinator.

6:30am on a friday morning is when Adventure racing training starts. This week different interval training around the school field. You would think that the students would struggle at this time of morning, but they are up for the challenge.

We have Michael Hurst in on friday to do his one man show. I must say that Leigh has got me going to see a bit more arts and culture. A wonderful experience that our students got, and for some of them to learn to be a bit better audience member.

St Patricks day on friday, a good place to end the week.

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