Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Day one, first full day with students

I look at today and the work I have done to date through my diary and see that i have done very little work towards getting  my students started for the year. This is a bit of a problem. I know I am starting with ethics with both the year 12 and year 13 programming classes and will worry about what to get my students to do for the web design class on Friday. 
I have had a look back on what I have covered throughout the blog last year and I see a block entry for ethics this I looked at again and again. I read this blog entry about three times and started to wonder how I managed to write something with conviction and understanding as at the moment that isn't coming. Maybe its that I haven't yet got into the educational spirit of things yet as I am still setting up classrooms to be able to work within the school system. The student account have yet to be created or that the last couple of days have been seeing the students for one hour just to make sure that they are coming back to school. Maybe a couple of days in the classroom will get me back into things, as well as the two post graduate papers that I will be doing this semester. I look forward to writing more on the work that will be going on.

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