Friday, 8 February 2008

Expression Web

Having a look around this morning on the net I came across a new curriculum that Microsoft has developed. It is based on there product Expression Web. As well as this is available through the Microsoft Academic Alliance, High School Edition

"Your Learning Guide to Expression Web" provides a convenient method to learn valuable Web development skills using Microsoft® Expression® Web. In this self-paced, 55-page tutorial, you will learn the basics of using Microsoft Expression Web and build a creative, dynamic Web site from scratch with the design tools that IT professionals use.

While creating a Web site about laptop computers using Expression Web, you will:
• Learn about ASP.NET
• Create page layouts with layers
• Incorporate images
• Format text with Style Sheets
• Use CSS with other elements
• Design and use Master Pages
• Create links
• Include an interactive calendar

You will be able to apply what you discover in this tutorial to create many styles of Web sites.

This tutorial can be used as a stand-alone resource or to accompany the "Expression Web Curriculum for Pre-collegiate Students" (listed below as a related item).
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The curriculum link are available here

Details of the curriculum

The "Expression Web Curriculum" is a Microsoft teaching and learning tool for high school Web development students. The curriculum unit (with lesson plans) was designed and tested by high school teachers for high school teachers and students.

The NETS (National Education Technology Standards)-based activities guide students to answer an essential question, conduct research, and communicate their learning by building a Web site.

The curriculum unit can be customized to focus on technology integrated with a variety of curricular areas and is adaptable for collaborative team projects. About 10-15 hours of class time is needed to complete the activities. It requires the tutorial, "Your Learning Guide to Expression Web," which is available as a related item listed below.

Essential Question posed in the curriculum:
"What electronic device (e-cessory) has had the greatest impact upon your life or the life of your friends, family, or community?”

Learning Tasks:
Students will identify an “e-cessory” to research and create a Web site to communicate their learning. The content of the research will include identifying four events in history, inventions, or people that have led to the need for, and development of, their chosen “e-cessory.”

The tutorial will guide students in developing a fairly simple Web site about laptop computers. The tutorial topic serves as a model for the type of information students might want to research on an electronic accessory of their choice. After completion of the tutorial, students can either use it as a template to insert in the information they discover or create a Web site from the “ground up”, incorporating what they’ve learned and adding additional features they learn about from the other readily available resources from Microsoft.

Our major goal in developing this curriculum unit is to provide Web development teachers with lessons for teaching creative, state-of-the-art Web development.

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